“Stop Malaria” Campaign

Malaria is a nationwide problem in Ghana, More than 3 million cases are reported every year, and it is the number one cause of morbidity in the country. According to the WHO, each malaria episode costs a household almost Gh 48 ($16). In an impoverished area like communities where 75%of all surveyed households reported at least one malaria case in six months,this can be devastating. The WHO and other organizations recognize the importance of mosquito nets in the fight against malaria. And yet, according to our surveyed, in the communities, one third of the people own mosquito nets. The Free Foundation will lead the fight against malaria in communities, beginning with our “Stop Malaria” campaign. We plan to raise money for medicated bed nets, and distribute these for free; Families with young children and pregnant mothers will be given priority. Our “Stop Malaria campaign will drive home the importance of investing in mosquito nets, which are often seen as a bother rather than a necessity. We will also demonstrate their proper usage According to the WHO, many people who own mosquito nets do not use them properly. Our campaign will be more effective than simply handling out mosque net usage and we will demonstrate the correct way to hang the net in their bedroom s in the health camp and every one will witness it and know how to use.